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Past Event

On July 19, 2013, the Chinese Firefighter Delegation from Wuhan, Hubei, has successfully completed visiting Kansas City, MO, South Platte County Fire District, Overland Park Fire Department, and Olathe Fire Department.Chairperson Carol Wei implemented many details for the visit. The Chinese Firefighter Delegation was headed by brigadier Mao Hanbin, the President of the Fire Protection Association of Hubei Province of China. More than two hundred of fire fighters from Kansas City, MO fire department, South Platte County fire district, Overland Park fire department, and Olathe fire department participated in various activities that lasted for a week. The local firefighters demonstrated their skills in a live fire drill for the Chinese guests and showed them the special equipment they use in fire rescue and their dedication to save peoples’ lives in very dangerous conditions. 

Scott Wagner and John Sharp, Councilmen for KCMO welcomed the Chinese firefighters along with KCMO Fire Chief Berardi and Chief Neeley. Olathe Mayor Michael Copeland also met the Chinese delegation and exchanged gifts. This international exchange deeply enhanced the ties and friendship between Greater Kansas City area firefighters and the firefighters from Wuhan China. 

Past Event

A group of five puppeteers from Xi’an, China, performed for the Families Blessed with the World’s Children on June 9 and for children at Children’s Mercy Hospital on June 10.

or the Chinese children adopted by American families to help them understand Chinese traditions and culture. Jun Liang, one of the puppeteers, took the dual role of being both the narrator and a performer. Changzheng Tan, an alumnus of Qing Hua University, interpreted for the performance. 

The performance at Children’s Mercy Hospital was also very well received. Children patients, accompanied by nurses or their parents, watched the shadow puppet show with great interest. The audience burst into hearty applause after each program. The representative of the Children’s Mercy Hospital gave the thumbs up to the performance afterwards. He praised Chinese art, recognized the accurate translation by Changzheng Tan, and thanked the artists and the organizer of the charity activity.

Upcoming program:

US-China Fema Education Exchange Program by CA chapter

MAAACA International Exchange
Professional Education Program



MAACA Outreach Programs

MAACA’s Outreach Programs are essential to its mission, promoting cultural awareness/socialization, developing common interests, and bringing famous Asian attractions to the Kansas City area. MAACA and its partners give presentations, make speeches, and present cultural performances for businesses, non-profits, government agencies, schools, radio, television, and more. 

MAACA’s footprint extends throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. The Outreach Programs serve as the primary communication channel between MAACA and the general public, coordinating cultural enrichment programs and examining participation likelihoods for proposed events. 

MAACA is involved in numerous cultural events and has become a long-term partner of various businesses and organizations. Its primary objectives include:

  • promoting cultural awareness, developing mutual understanding, and enhancing collaborative efforts with local communities, businesses, organizations, and government agencies.

  • building trust and relationships among people with diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • showcasing the rich cultures of Asian countries, generating interest for the Asian Cultural Festival, and encouraging involvement with local communities.

For further information or to coordinate outreach programs, please contact

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