MAACA, the MidAmerica Asian Culture Association, is a non-political, non-religious, and a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to promote cultural awareness, socialization, to develop common interests, and to bring famous Asian attractions to the Kansas City area metropolitan area.


2018 Mid -America Asian Cultural Association Board Member List



Advisory Board Position
Mary Eisenhower Honor Chair Adviser board & Granddaughter of President Eisenhower
Steve Boyda Legal Counsel& Chair of Adviser Board
Jerry Nolte Presiding Commissioner of Clay County MO
Scott Wagner Mayor Pro Tem& City Councilman of Kansas MO
Shakil Haider HR Commissioner of City of Olathe
Rehan Reza HR Commissioner of City of Topeka
Faris Farassati City Councilman of Overland Park
MAACA Officers Position
Carol Wei Chairperson of Board
Overland Park Independent Citizens Advisory Board
Steve L Duxbury Vice Chairperson &Director of Operations at Black &Veatch
Joseph DelRio  Treasurer
Yanfei Huff Board Secretary& Burns &McDonnell
MAACA Board of Directors Position
Carol Wei Chairperson & Director of The United Nation of Kansas City
Steve L Duxbury Vice Chairperson & International President at Black &Veatch
Chris Tan Director of Board& Former President of Tsinghua University Association
Kai Guo Gateway to Asian President& Director of Kiewit
Rajesh Gupta Director of Board& Former Chairman of Indian Association
Ahsan Latif Director of Board & President of Peace of Society
Gail James Director of Board& Director of The United Nation of Kansas City
Rivend Pecana Director of Board & Former Chairman of Filipino culture association
Kamala Paudyal Director of Board & Former Director of Nepal Association
Chanthala Sanoubane Lao temple director and 2016-2018 Lao Association President
Committee Position
Jun Fu Performance Stage Manger
John Drakey Chair of Martial Arts Committee
TJ Bankenship Chair of Golf Committee
Mark Walker Chair of Member Club
Farni Weaver Chair of  PR Committee
Tom Boyston MAACA  Marketing committee
Naffee Mamnoon MAACA Marketing Committee
James Martin MAACA Marketing Committee
Cesar Conde Chair of Festival Annual YoYo Competition